I’ve sat down a number of times the last couple of weeks to write something about my last three months. But every time I have erased the post before even publishing it. I don’t know why really. The whole experience has had a profound impact on me. I just can’t put my finger on what exactly happened and what it is that I’m taking with me. It was more than a trip, more than a chain of cities and places, more than the people I met. It has lifted me and I’m still trying to find a way to articulate what it was all about. 

Sometimes I actually have to sit down and gather my thoughts and I find that writing about it always helps me. Writing has always given me a strange focus, words pour out on the paper and when I’m done, I’m almost always surprised. Both writing and photography work the same way for me, it’s a very subconscious craft. I don’t think much (or read at all) when I write or take photos. I just write. Or shoot. More often than not I’m surprised with the outcome. The results are always more focused and succinct than I am. I said I’d write more, so I am. Damnit, I am.

I’ve started working on some personal projects, I’m shooting more weddings/engagements works (uh oh, I know) And there’s stuff happening. Plans are being drawn up in the basement of my brain.

Stick around and I’ll tell you more about it soon xx.

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