Edna & Joel I Wedding

Edna & Joel's Reception was my very first attempt of shooting wedding. I have always leaned towards portraiture and fashion of which I have felt so comfortable with since the day I started clicking in late 2008. So, I spent several weeks before my first wedding visiting other photographer’s web sites, read books on wedding photography, and researched photography blogs and forums. I still do to date. It is amazing how much information is available for little or no charge.

When a couple is young at heart, there’s no end to the amount of fun they can have together. Attended by the most gorgeous crowd I have seen so far, beautiful dresses, trendy heels, models poses and plenty (oh why why!) of slimmest figures around, is proof that they wanted it to be the Wedding of The Year. And I absolutely think that they succeeded! The match to heaven couple wanted their wedding to be glamorous and filled with sweet details everyone, from the youngest of children, to the most experienced of adults could enjoy. And I can’t speak for the guests, but we had a blast with this one ..

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